The Meteorological Office at Malta International Airport has invested in two new automated weather stations (AWS), with their installation bringing the number of stations strategically spread across the Maltese Islands up to 10.

The first automated weather station is found in Mosta, a central location in Malta of which the Meteorological Office and the public previously had limited visibility in relation to weather parameters.

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The newly installed weather station in Mosta

Located in San Lawrenz, Gozo, the second and northwesternmost automated weather station of the network will provide a better understanding of the sister island’s weather patterns, being the first station to register meteorological conditions brought about by the northwestern winds.

Given that the weather conditions across the Maltese Islands can vary significantly from one location to the next, the two new stations, in addition to the ones found in Bengħajsa, Ħad-Dingli, Valletta, Msida, Selmun, Xagħra, Xewkija and Ħal Luqa, will capture additional weather data that will allow for a more complete assessment of Malta’s climatological situation.

The new stations are equipped with instrumentation and advanced sensors that measure precipitation, temperature, humidity, dew point and wind speed as well as capture the wind direction. Real-time updates of the different weather parameters from all 10 stations are also available to the public through the Malta International Airport website.

The Meteorological Office would like to thank the administration of Mosta Secondary School Żokrija and San Lawrenz Primary School for accepting to host the automated weather stations on their respective school premises.

The Meteorological Office has been the Maltese Islands’ national weather provider since 1922, having invested in state-of-the-art instrumentation throughout the past years to be able to collect more weather data and provide the general public and specific industries with increasingly accurate weather forecasts.

Published on 26.06.23