Malta International Airport Investing in Further Car Parking

Works are currently underway to develop further Malta Airport parking spaces. Due to increased demand, the airport is investing in expanding its car parking facilities, and the area adjacent to the McDonald’s car park is currently being extended to cater for an additional 75 spaces. This will bring this specific car park’s capacity to a total of 175 available spots towards the end of May.

This project is just one in a series of investments from Malta International Airport. MIA will spend €4 million by July, in upgrading its infrastructure and improving its customer experience. This month it will complete a €1 million investment in the rehabilitation and resurfacing of Taxiway Charlie, and works on the Non-Schengen expansion are currently in an advanced stage with a completion date set for July 2015.

For the updated parking rates and a price calculator visit here.

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13 April 2015