A cooler June still brings record sunshine

  • June gave Malta a cooler start to summer than usual
  • Temperatures rise: From 15.4°C on June 1st to 30°C on June 30th
  • 353.8 hours of sunshine were recorded, which is higher than the norm of 328 hours

June proved to be slightly cooler and windier than usual, with a higher percentage of humidity than what is usually expected for this period of the year. Still, Malta enjoyed 353.8 hours of sunshine, which is 25 hours more than the norm.

The days saw an average 11.8 hours of sunshine, with the brightest days (10th and 27th) each enjoying 13.3 hours of sun, while the dullest day (13th) had 8.2 hours.

The average sea temperature was also higher than the norm of 21.5°C, climbing up to 22.2°C. The highest temperature reached was 23.5°C, while the lowest was 19.0°C.

This June proved to be slightly windier than average. The maximum wind gust recorded was 38 knots from the Northwest by North direction, on the 18th of June. A mean wind speed of 8.2 knots was higher than the climate norm of 7.6 knots, with the most frequent wind direction being Northwest. Light winds grazed our island 71% of the time, while variable winds hit 8% of the time.

Last month was more humid and cloudy than usual. June brought a higher mean humidity of 72% when compared to the climate norm of 68%. The average cloud cover was 2.4 oktas, 0.4 oktas higher than the norm.

June saw less precipitation than expected, with slight rainfall of only 0.2mm registered across all the islands on the 23rd, as opposed to the climate norm of 4.0mm.

There was no thunder reported throughout the whole month, with only one instance of fog reported on the 25th of June. At dawn the visibility at Luqa on the airfield dropped down to 150 metres.

The temperatures in June rose to an average of 23.6°C, 0.3°C cooler than the 23.9°C norm. The lowest temperature was registered on the first day of June as 15.4°C, with the highest temperature rising to 30°C on the last day of the month. In total, 18 days in June carried temperatures higher than average. The lowest temperature at grass level was 11.4°C on the 1st of June.

The highest temperature ever recorded this time of the year was on the 13th of June 1997, which rose to a staggering 40.1°C. The lowest temperature for June occurred in 1975, with the 7th of June dipping to 12.6°C.