Some music to your ear, as festival season draws near!

While some parts of Europe are covered in snow, in Malta the sun seems to have taken over the skies and temperatures are rising. This can only mean that summer, with its promise of endless sunshine – at least locally – is round the corner. To celebrate this, we have launched our new summer schedule, which covers over 80 destinations and gives you plenty of time to plan your next holiday to a T.

If you’re a millennial, our bet is that you have been on the lookout for the announcement of festival dates, line-ups, and ticket sales for some time now. With regular flights leaving Malta International Airport to Denmark, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain we’re pretty confident we’ve got you covered this summer!

These countries host some of the biggest music festivals in Europe, whether you’re looking for something more mainstream or something a little bit more underground. There’s always the risk you might have to trade flip-flops for wellies and raincoats for a couple of days, but that hard-to-describe festival atmosphere is guaranteed to make this well worth it. And if photos are anything to go by, wellies caked in mud and mosh pits in the pouring rain make the festival experience a bit more fun!

For first-time festival goers, we’ve put together a couple of practical tips:

  • Spend some time choosing a good location for your tent if you’re camping, try to avoid areas close to hedges & toilets… they might not smell too nice
  • Put up a small flag or another visible marker on your tent… you’ll thank us later, when you can easily identify your tent from a sea of tents
  • Make friends with your campsite neighbours
  • Pack a torch
  • Don’t take stuff you don’t really need, especially valuables
  • Make sure you don’t run out of wipes and sun cream
  • Keep a bottle of insect repellent handy, you should be the one having fun not the mosquitoes
  • Invest in a thermal sleeping-bag
  • Plan ahead which acts you want to see…
  • … and learn some lyrics, as a festival is one of the few places where you can sing (badly) at the top of your voice without getting dirty looks.

If this sounds like fun, download our summer schedule and get busy planning a summer trip. It might be just what you need to get you motivated to write that last part of your dissertation or finish that work report your manager has been after for the past week!