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Requirements for Entry into Israel from Malta

Tourists from all countries are now allowed entry into Israel, irrelevant of their vaccination status. Please take note of the below documents, which need to be presented prior to boarding your flight. 

A printed-out incoming passenger form, which must be filled out within 36 hours before flying to Israel. You will need to write your accommodation address on the form so ensure you’ve booked your hotel or package ahead of time.

Health insurance with coverage for treatment of COVID-19

One of the documents below:

  • A negative result on a PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure to Israel*. OR
  • A positive result on a PCR test taken between 3 months and 11 days before the flight. OR
  • Permission from the Exceptions Committee to enter Israel without taking a PCR test before departure.

*Please note that upon landing at the airport, travellers are required to take another test, go directly to their accommodation in Israel and quarantine for up to 24 hours until they receive a negative result. The results usually arrive in 6-12 hours, meaning that the quarantine is usually much less. From mid-April, quick tests will be available with results provided within 4 hours. Those who are recognised as recovered and no more than 60 days have passed since the recovery, are exempt from isolation.

Forms and Declarations

All passengers must also fill out this online entry form within 36 hours hours before flying to Israel. After completing the form, you will receive a link to prepay for the PCR test that you must take on arrival in Israel, in addition to the predeparture PCR test.

Passengers must also complete an online exit statement up to 48 hours before flight.


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Requirements for Entry into Malta from Israel


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Before booking a flight, we advise you to contact your airline for guidance in relation to health and safety protocols at your destination or any airline specific requirements in place. Airline contact details may be found here, while our airport’s flight schedule is available here.