Warmer August starts with hottest summer day this year

  • Highest temperature reached was 36.7˚C
  •  Average sea temperature was higher than the norm
  •  A total rainfall of 35.6mm was recorded

The weather in August was slightly warmer than usual, with an average temperature of 27.9˚C, 0.7˚C higher than the norm. The month started off with the warmest day of the summer, with the temperature rising to 36.7˚C, while the minimum temperature was recorded on the 8th and 9th of August at 19.6˚C.  Both the maximum and minimum average temperatures were higher than normal, at 31.7˚C and 23.9˚C respectively. Swimmers also enjoyed a warmer sea, at a temperature of 27.9°C.

The warmest August ever recorded was sixteen years ago, in 1999, with a mean temperature of 29.2˚C and a maximum temperature of 43.8˚C, which to date is still the highest temperature ever recorded in August.

On a few days last August, beach umbrellas were put aside in exchange for smaller ones as the islands were hit with rainfall.   Precipitation for last month totalled 35.6mm, with three thundery days, on the 8th, 11th and 13th of the month. The amount of rainfall for last August considerably exceeded the 30-year mean of just 5.6mm of rain. No fog was reported and the mean relative humidity for August was 72%, which is close to the climate mean of 71%.

August registered an average of 10.7 hours of sunshine every day, with a shortage of 3 hours of sunshine over the whole month when compared to last year.

August was slightly less windy, with 6.4knots registered instead of the norm of 6.5 knots. For 91% of the time, the wind speed was light (1-10 knots), and 6% of the time the speed was variable, with the wind blowing most frequently from the Northeast. On the 27th of August a maximum wind gust of 47 knots was recorded from the Southeast, which was one of the two days of the month to register a wind speed of over 34 knots. The highest wind gust ever reported in Malta in the month of August was on the 26th of August 1964 at 59 knots.