VIP Services

La Valette Club at Malta International Airport has been perfecting its VIP services for the past years, with the aim of adding exceptional value to its guests’ airport experience. La Valette Club offers a number of membership options, as well as the possibility to make one-time use of its services.

Whether a frequent flyer or travelling on business, La Valette Club services are tailored to help guests save precious time and unwind in luxurious lounges before proceeding with their journey. To book any one of the services below, click here. La Valette Club members are requested to log in to their account to benefit from preferential rates on most of these services.

Meet and Greet (available on departure only)

Given its small size, Malta International Airport is quite easy to navigate. However, for travellers who still require some extra assistance to make their way through, the Meet & Greet service is ideal. Let our airport attendants greet you, assist you with your check-in and escort you to the La Valette lounge upon departure.

A reserved parking bay is situated on the left-hand side of the terminal’s entrance, serves as a pick-up or drop-off point for passengers making use of the service.

Chauffeur Services

Our Chauffeur service complements the Meet and Greet service perfectly. It goes a step further by driving guests directly from the terminal to the aircraft, and vice versa, in a sleek, private car.


The Porterage service lets you pass through our airport without having to carry cumbersome luggage, as this is taken care of by our airport attendants from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure from Malta International Airport’s terminal.