A stroll around Mdina

Even as one approaches Mdina, very often referred to as the Silent City, one is struck by a sense of awe at the old city’s imposing structure. Mdina is enclosed by fortifications, and since it’s located  atop a hill, it affords spectacular views of the whole island.

titl - Mdina

The city’s snaking, narrow streets lit by warm orange lights are particularly quiet and hauntingly beautiful at night. We definitely recommend an evening stroll around the city, especially if you want to experience some true peace and quiet.

If you visit by day, be sure to visit St Paul’s Cathedral, the Mdina Dungeons, the Natural History Museum, and the Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum. This Baroque building, which is found on the right-hand side of the cathedral, houses an impressive array of art collections, with one of the paintings being exhibited here being the late Medieval Triptych of the Madonna del Soccorso. This triptych, which bears testament to the islands’ artistic renaissance predating the arrival of the Knights of St John, was recently restored with the support of the Malta Airport Foundation.

The doors of Mdina residences and buildings are quite a sight to behold too, boasting colours ranging from vibrant reds to pastel blues and some of the most intricate door knockers on the island.

Gourmands will also be happy to know that the fortified city is home to one of the Maltese islands’ five Michelin-star restaurants!