Wander off the Beaten Track

If you’re a more adventurous holidaymaker, we suggest you wander off the beaten track in Malta to discover the rugged face of the islands.

There are some 1,500 climbing routes waiting to be explored in Malta and Gozo, ranging from easy to more extreme adventures. With inland valley crags and cliffs exposed to the sea, you’re bound to find the perfect climbing route to get an adrenaline fix while on holiday. As climbing is becoming increasingly popular in Malta, it’s easy to find an expert guide who can identify the route that is most suited to your abilities and preferences. Additionally, you may opt to rent out climbing equipment locally to avoid the risk of having to pay extra for overweight luggage.

While the weather is pleasantly warm in spring and autumn, summer temperatures tend to soar up to over 400c making it too hot and sticky for some to climb. Luckily, the north-facing crags along the Victoria Lines and caves afford climbers some cool shade, even in the midst of summer.