Temporary security area greatly improves passenger flows at MIA

The successful relocation of the security screening area to its temporary space on the first floor, has led to passengers clearing the security area at Malta Airport at a faster pace.

Although the new location is temporary until the permanent security area is completed in an adjacent space next year, it is significantly larger than the previous hall on the ground floor.

The entire security set-up was relocated from the ground level of the terminal building to its temporary area on the first floor in a seamless transition on June 27. Works on the commissioning of equipment is still underway, however the impact on passenger processing is limited.

MIA Head of Security Patrick Murgo said: “While our priority has always been and remains passenger safety, the new temporary screening area has enabled us to speed up the process and we look forward to reaching full efficiency once the current space is replaced with the permanent one in 2018.”

The temporary security area features new state-of-the-art equipment including modern X-ray machines, tray return systems and additional lanes to cut down on queuing. This infrastructure has already contributed to improved flows and increased efficiency, with up to 1,200 passengers per hour handled in the first week of operation, compared with a maximum of 800 passengers under the previous system.

“We are very pleased with how the first week has gone. Despite this major upheaval, we managed to handle a record 4,155 passengers in a four-hour timespan on Thursday, our busiest day of the week.”

The upgrade and relocation of the security screening area is the centrepiece of a €12 million terminal reconfiguration project, which also includes a new VIP lounge on the third floor that boasts panoramic views of the runway, and a reconceived observation deck which is open to the public.