Security Training

Safety and security are top priorities at Malta International Airport and great care is taken to ensure that all security standards are met and exceeded. All holders of an Airport Security Pass issued by Aviation Security Malta (AVSEC) are required to undergo General Security Awareness Training (GSAT). These training modules are regularly updated and conducted in accordance with EC Regulation 300/2008 & 185/2010 together with the National Civil Aviation Security Programme. Training is delivered by Aviation Security experts and caters for all non-security personnel working at Malta International Airport.

GSAT provides a strong foundation in airport security and is suitable for individuals possessing little or no knowledge of the airport environment. Through the initial course and refresher instructions, the training equips staff with an understanding of the airport’s areas, gates, passes and security procedures. It enables participants to deal with potentially dangerous situations and enables them to understand the action they should take in the event of concern.

Topics Covered

  • Background in Aviation Terrorism
  • Security Processes & Requirements
  • Access Control
  • Security Screening
  • Gate Security Requirements
  • Tasks & Responsibilities of various entities dealing with aviation & airport security

Upcoming Training Sessions

     March  April  May June  July  August   Sept.  Oct.  Nov.  Dec.
 Maltese  9th  12th @ 11:00  TBA  TBA  TBA TBA TBA TBA  TBA  TBA
 English  23rd  28th @ 14:00  TBA  TBA  TBA TBA TBA TBA  TBA

 All sessions are held in the MIA conference room on Level -1 and take around 2.5 hours. Training is offered in both English and Maltese. You can apply for a General Security Awareness Training session by filling in the GSAT Form provided and handing it to the Security Pass Office.