CR Committee

Malta International Airport’s corporate responsibility strategy is managed and implemented by a CR committee chaired by CEO Alan Borg, and comprises a cross-functional representation of the company. The committee members are:

  • Alan Borg, Chairman;
  • Kevin-James Fenech, Committee Secretary;
  • Ing. Charles Abela, responsible for the Environmental Category;
  • Justine Baldacchino, responsible for the Economic Category;
  • Tina Lombardi, responsible for the Social Category;
  • Patrick Murgo, Committee Member;
  • Clint Abela, Committee Member;
  • Gayle Lynn Callus, Committee Member;
  • Kevin Galea, Committee Member

GRI Sustainability Reporting

In 2015, Malta International Airport became the first company or organisation in Malta to take part in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)—a voluntary process with independently audited reporting about sustainable practices. This form of reporting aims to record, report, and address impacts made by the airport on the economic, social and environmental systems in Malta. As a major Maltese stakeholder and important catalyst for prosperity and jobs, we consider it a core duty to ensure organizational transparency.  MIA strives to curb waste, reduce its environmental impact, and operate responsibly.

The company’s Sustainability Reports may be accessed here. Aside from laying out key facts and figures about airport operations, these reports mention various targets like phasing out inefficient vehicles or systems; increasing energy output from solar panels; and investing funds strategically in cultural and environmental preservation efforts in Malta.