Over 160,000 Passengers Expected as Holiday Season Lands at Malta Airport

  • Holiday season expected to see over 160,000 passengers travel through Malta International Airport
  • Airport activity during December is expected to peak on the 28th of the month
  • Travelling and non-travelling guests treated to traditional sweets and festive activities

As travellers pack their bags to make their way home for Christmas, or to jet off to one of the airport’s new winter destinations, Malta International Airport is expecting over 160,000 passengers to pass through its gates between the 22nd and 31st of December.

While the terminal will be bustling with activity throughout this ten-day stretch, seeing record passenger numbers travel during the Christmas holidays, the heaviest travel day is expected to fall on the 28th of December.

The airport’s priority during these busy periods remains to ensure a journey which is not only safe and easy for passengers but is also as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Holiday travellers are advised to check in online and arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to their flight’s scheduled departure time. To guarantee a smoother trip through security, passengers are advised to leave gifts which are being carried in hand luggage unwrapped, as these may need to be screened. Electronics, other than mobile phones, will also need to be screened and should therefore be kept in an easily-accessible spot.

A winter wonderland for the young and the young at heart awaits just outside security, where festive elves will be travelling from one gate to another with their fairy cart, stocked with traditional imqaret, mince pies, Christmas log slices and freshly-brewed mulled wine.

Parents can look forward to getting some last-minute Christmas shopping done at the airport’s airside outlets and getting their gifts wrapped (for free) while their tiny travellers have some fun of their own. A supervised play area for children has been set up at Gate 3 to cater for over 6,400 youngsters who will be travelling through Malta Airport this holiday season.

Visitors who are just stopping by the airport to pick up or drop off their loved ones are welcome to enjoy a warm Christmas drink while they cross off items on their gift-lists from the airport’s landside outlets. Guests heading up to the Observation Deck on level 3 to see off their friends or relatives should also keep an eye out for the airport’s Christmas crib, which has been hand-crafted by Benny Camilleri, a Malta International Airport employee.

At the Food Court on level -1, the airport will also be hosting a special celebration of Christmas traditions from all over the world as part of the annual Christmas Kids’ Club, which will be taking place between Saturday 21st December and Thursday 2nd January. Midnight mass will also be celebrated in the Check-In Hall on Christmas Eve.


Published on: 18.12.2019