August rush expected to peak on the 17th at MIA

While many are packing their suitcases and turning on their out of office replies in preparation for their August break, days at the office are expected to get much busier for the team at Malta International Airport.
August is the airport’s most hectic month, and this year passenger numbers are expected to peak on the 17th. The team is getting ready to host an estimated 26,000 travellers in just one day.
It is not just the terminal that will be bustling with activity on the day. With a total of 167 scheduled take-offs and landings, the runway is set to experience its fair share of action, and provide keen plane spotters with quite the spectacle.
Malta International Airport has prepared a number of free treats to keep travellers refreshed and younger globetrotters entertained, as they journey back home or towards their holiday destination. A group of airport greeters, donning custom-made T-shirts by local designer Marco Parascandalo, is distributing these treats around the terminal.

If you’re travelling in the coming days, you can make your own journey even more pleasant and stress free, by following the simple recommendations below.

• Get to the airport on time
It is recommended that you arrive at the terminal at least two hours before your flight. This gives you plenty of time to sort out your travel documents and luggage, enjoy some time at the terminal’s newly reconceived observation deck, and grab a bite or browse through the shops before take-off. A number of themed promotions and prizes at departures are also excellent time killers if you’re very early.

• Take a taxi
The airport offers a good number of parking spaces, but why not get into holiday mode before you actually take off by booking a taxi to get you to the airport? Travel comfortably, with the added benefit of getting dropped off right outside the terminal, and literally being just a minute away from your check-in desk. Additionally, do be aware that an ongoing road works project is currently impacting several access routes to the airport.

• Check in online
Check in online to avoid check-in queues, and have your boarding pass ready on your phone or in printed format. There are also a number of self-check-in kiosks in the check-in hall. Check whether you can make use of this facility here.

• Be aware of luggage weight restrictions
Be aware of the luggage weight restrictions applied by the airline you’re travelling with and weigh your bags before you leave for the airport to avoid any surprises.

• Be security-screening ready
Remember to remove pointed items and liquids from your hand luggage. Liquids are only allowed if they’re in containers having a maximum capacity of 100 ml and put together in a transparent bag. Empty your pockets and remove your belt before you are asked to do so, as this helps make the screening process smoother and faster.