Occurrence Reporting

What is Occurrence Reporting?

Safety is naturally a topmost priority for all aviation players, not least Malta International Airport. Through this occurrence reporting page, stakeholders can raise safety-related issues in a timely and strictly confidential manner.

In turn, this enables the airport to collect all information about safety-related events in a centralised place, making the analysis of this information and the subsequent identification of adequate corrective action a more efficient process.

An occurrence is a safety-related event which endangers or which, if not corrected or addressed, could endanger an aircraft, its occupants or any other person. The reporting of occurrences can be categorised in two: Mandatory Occurrence Reporting and Voluntary Occurrence Reporting, both of which are governed by Regulation (EU) No 376/2014.

Submit an Occurrence Report Below

If you would like to submit a report, you may do so here. Malta International Airport thanks you for doing your part in helping the company achieve the highest levels of safety possible.


Malta International Airport safeguards the confidentiality of all persons who submit a report, and is committed to using the information submitted to work towards maintaining a safe aviation environment at all times for the benefit of all stakeholders.