Environmental Policy

Malta International Airport is the Maltese island’s only airport and its most important international gateway, connecting the country to the rest of the world. It is therefore a vital pillar in the country’s strategic infrastructure and benefits the local and national economy by facilitating tourism and trade.

Mindful of our important role in the local and national context, we recognise the importance and accept our responsibility to protect the environment and support the sustainable development of Malta.

In our efforts to pursue sustainable strategies that balance the environmental impact, community interests and our economic performance over the long term, we are committed to the following environmental principles:

titl -   Addressing Climate Change

We commit to quantifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions on a continuous basis and minimizing our carbon footprint to become a net-zero airport by 2050.

titl -  Protecting the Environment

We commit to implementing proactive and effective measures to prevent pollution where possible, always considering the ecological implications of our actions.

titl -Legal Compliance

We commit to monitoring and complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards which apply to the airport.

 titl -Continual Improvement

We are committed to continuously enhance our environmental performance by reducing or eliminating our negative impacts and conversely improving or increasing our positive impacts and reporting same in our Sustainability Report against targets which are aligned with our environmental objectives.

titl - Knowledge and Awareness

We commit to develop our employees’ awareness of the environmental impact of our operations and provide training that enables them to assist in achieving our environmental targets.

This environmental policy encompasses all business activities of Malta International Airport plc and its subsidiaries that are within the control of the Company. All employees are required to consider this policy in their decision-making.

You may download a signed copy of Malta International Airport’s Environmental Policy here.