Sustainability Report

This report marks a turning point in how we measure and audit sustainable practices, not just at the airport but in Malta as well. Following the GRI – G4 sustainability reporting guidelines, we will detail the various actions taken by the airport to enhance sustainability in terms of our operations, infrastructure, and Corporate Responsibility (CR) investments.

In following the Global Reporting Initiatives’ standards, we have chosen to be transparent by reporting both our successes and our shortcomings. This decision will, over the medium term, help us remove, reduce or mitigate our negative impacts and improve or build on our positive ones.

Locally we are pioneering the voluntary adoption of GRI standards for our Sustainability Report and we are optimistic that other organisations will follow suit. We have long been aware of the need to take deliberate and measured action to reduce our social, economic, and environmental impacts and this has been a key driver of our activities for many years. This form of reporting makes our activities more transparent and accountable, and provides a robust structure for setting, reaching, and re-setting sustainability goals. In organisations of scale, like ours, the drive to invest in sustainability and corporate responsibility should not rest only on the enthusiasm of individuals, but should be ingrained in the company policy and coded into the company’s DNA. GRI constitutes a reporting framework aimed at ensuring that we remain committed to our sustainability goals, that we improve year on year.

Download our Sustainability Report 2015.