Malta Airport strengthens its Rescue & Fire-Fighting Capabilities with a €2.9 million Investment

Malta International Airport has further strengthened its rescue and fire-fighting capabilities with the arrival of the Rosenbauer Panther 8×8 fire truck from Austria.

The procurement of this low-emission rescue and fire-fighting vehicle, which is used at major international airports, forms part of Malta International Airport’s fleet modernisation programme entailing an investment of around €2.9 million.

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The Panther 8×8 fire truck was the first vehicle to arrive at MIA as part of the company’s fleet modernisation programme.

As part of this investment, two Panther six-wheel-drive fire trucks are currently on order and expected to be added to Malta International Airport’s rescue and fire-fighting vehicle fleet in 2021.

The modern design and optimised features of the Panther fire trucks – including enhanced extinguishing power and inbuilt thermal imaging technology for low-visibility conditions – will enable the Rescue and Fire-Fighting team to respond faster and more efficiently to emergency situations occurring in different scenarios.

Malta International Airport has drawn up a training programme aimed at familiarising the Rescue and Fire-Fighting team with the functional features of the Panther trucks. One such feature is the 8X8’s high-reach extendable turret, which makes this vehicle ideal for high-precision response to emergencies at height.

Malta International Airport’s investment in these top-quality fire trucks supplied by one of the world’s leading providers of fire-fighting equipment further underscores the airport’s strong commitment to safety and security.

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                     Two fire-fighters from the MIA Rescue and Fire-Fighting Team wearing PBI Gold suits


Published on: 13.07.2020