Malta International Airport launches redesigned website homepage for a more seamless guest experience

Travellers and airport visitors now have better and easier access to important information following the launch of Malta International Airport’s redesigned website homepage.

The data-driven homepage redesign focused on striking a better balance between functionality and aesthetics, with an aim to provide users with the best online experience. Sections of the website that receive most traffic, including the flight and weather pages, have been given more prominence for easier navigation, while a stronger presence of the airport’s brand colours has freshened up the website look.

“The quieter days brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic were seized as an opportunity to work on the improvement of several elements of the guest experience, which extends beyond the terminal into the online space. Given that travelling has become more complex over the past year, the website project was launched with an aim to simplify the online user experience through restructured website sections and a more intuitive design,” said MIA’s Marketing and Communications Manager Gayle Lynn Callus.

Another website section that has benefitted from noteworthy improvements is the COVID-19 page, whose popularity has spiked over the past few weeks. The page now features an alphabetical index allowing for a quicker and more user-friendly search for travel requirements at destination countries. Additionally, a newly repopulated FAQ database, which can be accessed through the ‘help’ button, has better centralised key information through more than 100 bite-size answers to airport guests’ recurrent queries.

Travellers who will be flying through Malta International Airport soon are encouraged to visit to be able to better plan their journey and start their next trip on the right note. Website users are also invited to rate their online experience through the ‘send your feedback’ website function.

Published on 22.06.2021