Malta International Airport launches its Winter Flight Schedule

Malta International Airport celebrated the start of winter for the aviation industry with the launch of its new flight schedule for the season, featuring four new routes as well as several route extensions from summer into winter.

Between Sunday and Tuesday, flights from Paphos, Trieste, and Santiago de Compostela landed at Malta International Airport for the first time, with passengers and crew on board these inaugural flights being welcomed with a cake-cutting ceremony.

Operated by Ryanair, flights on each one of these three new routes will be offered on a biweekly basis until March. While Trieste and Santiago de Compostela have further broadened the airport’s already-extensive route network in two of its top markets; Italy and Spain, Paphos is the second direct connection between Malta and Cyprus.

The introduction of these destinations, each one having its landmarks and unique offering, has widened the options for winter travel for locals. Paphos’s Troodos Montains and Santiago’s well-trodden camino make the two destinations ideal for travellers seeking exploration and adventure.

On the other hand, Trieste’s proximity to the Slovenian and Croatian borders renders the Italian destination an excellent starting point for a road trip with some spectacular scenery along the way.

Malta International Airport will be launching the fourth new route for the season in November. To download the full winter schedule, you may click here.

Published on: 30.10.2019