Malta International Airport prepares for this summer’s busiest day

August has become closely associated with office shut downs and markedly less traffic, as many people head out of the country for their annual summer holiday. For Malta International Airport, however, August means added passenger traffic and a bustling apron, making for a very hectic four weeks.

The airport is warming up to break some passenger traffic records, with projections showing that Saturday 13 August will be its busiest day this summer and indeed one of the busiest it has ever experienced. A marathon of 148 take-offs and landings will get an estimated 22,500 passengers to their holiday destination or back home at the end of their summer break.

The team at Malta International Airport is confident that it is prepared to handle August’s record numbers, especially after the recent, positive comments made by Skytrax – the leading air transport industry audit organisation – on MIA’s passenger experience. As a traveller, you can help the airport maintain its efficiency in handling the August traffic by following the simple tips below.

  • Get to the airport on time

Malta International Airport recommends turning up at the terminal two hours before your flight. This gives you plenty of time to sort out your travel documents and luggage, whiz through security and have some time to grab a bite or browse through the shops before take-off. Sports enthusiasts can also keep up with the Rio 2016 Olympics at the airport eateries, which are showing all the games.

  • Take a taxi

The airport offers a good number of parking spaces, but why not get into holiday mode before you actually take off, by booking a taxi to get you to the airport? Travel comfortably, with the added benefit that taxis drop you off right outside the Terminal, meaning that you’re literally a minute away from your check-in desk.

  • Check in online

Check in online and print your boarding pass to avoid check-in queues. There are also a number of self-check-in kiosks in the Check-in Hall. See whether you can make use of this facility here.

  • Be aware of luggage weight restrictions

Be aware of the luggage weight restrictions applied by the airline you’re travelling with and weigh your bags before you leave for the airport to avoid any nasty surprises.

  • Be security screening ready

Remember to remove pointed items and liquids from your hand luggage. Liquids are only allowed if they’re in containers having a maximum capacity of 100 ml and put together in a transparent bag. Empty your pockets and remove your belt before you are asked to do so, as this helps make the screening process smoother… and faster.

Malta International Airport is expecting nearly 600,000 passengers by the end of August, confirming this month as the airport’s busiest so far. Traffic has been registering noteworthy growth rates throughout the year, especially during the winter period, with the airport expecting to brush the five million mark by the end of 2016.