Malta International Airport Braces for Busiest Week of the Year

Over 185,000 passengers will be passing through Malta International Airport by the end of this week, during what is expected to be the airport’s busiest seven-day stretch to date.

Now at the height of the bustling summer season, Malta International Airport is gearing itself up for the August travel rush, which is expected to peak on the 15th of August, marking the Santa Maria public holiday on the Maltese Islands. While 182 aircraft take-offs and landings are forecast on the day, passenger movements are expected to exceed the 30,000 mark.

Given that up to 2,000 travellers are expected to pass through the terminal within one hour at peak times, travellers are advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled time of departure. Passengers with time to spare are invited to rest and recharge at the airport’s newly unveiled seating area, which has been fully-equipped with comfortable seating options and multiple charging stations.

Skip the Queues

Four self-check-in kiosks in the Departures Hall fast-track the check-in process for passengers travelling with Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines, SAS Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways, who can proceed to drop off any luggage they may have at their airline’s priority counter.

The airport’s Duty-Free outlet has also introduced an online reserve and collect service, which offers passengers the opportunity to maximise their time at the airport by picking-up their pre-ordered items from the outlet’s cashpoints on the way to their gate.

Go Green

From reducing emissions by packing light and using shared transport to the airport, to carrying a bottle which can be topped up at one of the airport’s potable water fountains, Malta International Airport is encouraging its guests to take small steps in making their travels greener by adopting its simple yet effective Eco-Travel Tips, aimed at reducing waste at every phase of the passenger’s journey.

MIA's Eco-Travel Tips

Create Airport Moments

To ensure that all passengers start or end their journey in high spirits, Malta International Airport has teamed up with its partners and stakeholders to treat guests of all ages to a host of summer treats. Light

refreshments, including traditional pastizzi, ice-cream and lemonade, will be distributed in the Departures Hall on a daily basis, together with special surprises for the 40,000 younger passengers who are expected to travel through the terminal this August.

Published on 14.08.2019