MIA supports film industry with new scouting vehicle

Scouting for film locations in Malta has become a slicker affair thanks to a partnership between Malta International Airport and The Malta Film Commission.

Directors and producers will now be driven from one amazing location to the next in a BMW X5, financed by MIA.

“Our aim is to help the Malta Film Commission continue to attract the best productions to the island. As we seek to build the success of Malta as a multi-faceted destination, it is crucial that we collaborate closely with our stakeholders, including the film industry, which has already proven its potential to help boost tourism,” said MIA CEO, Alan Borg.

Fantastic locations and great weather apart, Malta has been lauded by film crews for its hard-working, multilingual workforce and its excellent film facilities.

Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech said: “It is very encouraging to see major companies like Malta International Airport believe in the potential of the film industry. Malta is being promoted all over the world through its prominence in blockbusters, which in turn is boosting various other industries, most notably tourism.”

During the past 90 years, Malta’s diverse landscape and vibrant colours have caught the imagination of famed film producers, earning the island a reputation as the “Hollywood of the Mediterranean”. Prominent directors, including Kevin Reynolds and Ridley Scott, have praised Malta’s versatility and ability to stand in for almost any country, in any time period.

With the growing portfolio of international productions and locations used for filming, this niche tourism sector is expected to gain ground and bring added benefits to the local economy.