Early this afternoon, Malta International Airport welcomed the first flight from the Polish city of Poznań. This marks the launch of the first new route on the airport’s schedule this year.

This new link to Poznan, operated by Ryanair, will be connecting our national airport with the Polish city every Monday and Friday until October. Prior to its launch, Malta International Airport had quite a strong network in Poland through flights to Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. The introduction of a fifth Polish destination will further enhance Malta’s connectivity with Central and Eastern Europe, in line with Malta International Airport’s strategy to better harness the potential of this market.

Poznań is populated by over half a million inhabitants and lies between Warsaw and Berlin. Both of these cities are, in fact, a three-hour train ride away from Poznań. As one of Poland’s oldest cities, it is an ideal destination for tourists who like history, museums, and Cathedrals.

Interestingly, one of the top attractions of the city is Lake Malta, an artificial lake that has become the centre of much activity at weekends and during the Malta Festival in June.

Passengers on board this first flight were welcomed by dancers in traditional Maltese costumes and were given a flower, courtesy of the Malta Tourism Authority. A celebratory cake was also prepared for the occasion.