Two island destinations added to Malta International Airport’s 2021 summer schedule

Malta International Airport welcomed the first Ryanair flights from two island destinations over the weekend.

Chania (or Hania) and Cagliari are now just a flight away from the Maltese islands, providing locals with a wider choice of leisure destinations as the demand for leisure travel continues to steer the industry’s recovery.

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The first Ryanair flight from Chania in Crete, marking the start of a biweekly summer operation

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Hello Cagliari! Ryanair flights from the Sardinian capital take off every Wednesday and Sunday

Flights to Chania will depart from Malta International Airport on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout the summer season, making the Cretan city’s highly rated idyllic beaches, limpid waters, and nearby islets more accessible to travellers looking for a relaxing holiday destination.

Beyond sun-lounging and beach hopping, Chania also offers plenty of trekking and hiking routes for the more adventurous holidaymakers, and is dotted by ruins, fortresses, castles, and monasteries which bear testament to the city’s rich and long history moulded by different civilisations.

Having been originally founded by the Phoenicians, Cagliari too is a city whose culture, landmarks, and architecture are the product of an impressive past shaped by different rulers. The Sardinian capital offers a good balance of cultural sites and pristine beaches hugged by rugged landscapes and promontories, together with a generous serving of culinary delights.

Now reachable via biweekly flights taking off every Wednesday and Sunday, Cagliari is an ideal holiday spot for travellers who like to sample a bit of all worlds.

Published on: 05.07.2021