Win €5,000 with our Short Film Challenge

Applications close on 2nd October 2017

In collaboration with the Malta Film Commission, Malta International Airport launched a Short Film Challenge on the 25th of September. Revolving around the theme #mysecretmalta, this competition is challenging on more levels than one.

Each submission must tell a story that focuses on a relatively unknown aspect of the Maltese islands – from hidden locations to almost-forgotten traditions and local characters to cultural quirks – in between 2 to 5 minutes. The second challenge lies in the fact that participants have been given just a week to work on their film, with the stroke of noon (local time) on the 2nd of October signalling the competition’s closure.

Through this competition, we would like to showcase our islands from a different angle. We want to remind film producers and directors just how good Malta and Gozo look on camera, and to keep them in mind next time they’re hunting for locations. We want people to wonder how such a tiny archipelago can have so many different faces; some sunny, others dark and mysterious, and others historical.

To thank you for helping us reach our aim with your submission, we have two cash prizes lined up for our winners. €5,000 will go to the participant who submits the film that gets our panel of judges’ vote of approval, while €2,500 will go to the entry that gets most votes from the public. If you’re interested in submitting an entry, you may do so by clicking here.

Will you be letting us in on your secret Malta? We surely hope so!