Nice now just two hours away from Malta International Airport

Holidaymakers who have been eyeing the French Riviera for a summer getaway will be happy to know that Malta International Airport is now just two hours away from Nice.

The first Volotea flight from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport landed in Malta on Thursday, marking the launch of Malta International Airport’s sixteenth new route for summer: Malta to Nice.

Passengers and crew on board this inaugural flight were welcomed with what has become an important part of the route launch tradition; a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the important occasion.

Nice’s sunny nature, Mediterranean beaches, and an old town throbbing with life at its very core, attract around four million tourists to the coastal city every year. Its charm and vibrant colours have also been a source of inspiration for artists such as Marc Chagall, who even claimed that this French city led him to experience a re-birth.

Just short distances away from Nice, are its somewhat more glamorous Riviera sisters Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez. Whilst one can take the bus or the train to get from one point to another, opting to rent a car and driving along the coast can possibly enhance the whole Côte d’Azur experience.

Fly from Malta to Nice every Thursday throughout summer. If sun-drenched days and beach walks are not quite up your street, you can check out Malta International Airport’s 100-destination schedule here.