Malta Airport enhances Service Levels through Renewal of Partnerships with Ground Handling Agents

Malta International Airport has signed new concession agreements with two companies that provide ramp ground handling services; Air Malta and Aviaserve. The two ground handling agents will represent airlines operating to and from the airport over the next seven years.

These concession agreements are expected to bolster Malta Airport’s continuous efforts to provide guests with a 5-star airport experience, by holding the two ground handling companies accountable to the highest levels of service, delivered at key touchpoints of the passenger journey.

“Having worked together for over 15 years, it is safe to say that both Air Malta and Aviaserve know our operation very well, and have come to share our passion for service excellence, which can make or break the passenger experience. The synergy that has developed among us will definitely be reinforced through the official renewal of our partnership, hopefully leading to the achievement of more ambitious milestones in future,” said MIA Head of Operations and Business Continuity, Ing. Martin Dalmas.

Playing an essential role in the management of passenger processing, from check-in to boarding, ground handlers contribute significantly to a smoother passenger experience. The operations for which handlers are responsible include the delivery of check-in desk services, the loading and unloading of luggage, and the facilitation of the airport journey for persons with reduced mobility.

Aviaserve and Air Malta, each having a wealth of experience in the provision of such ancillary services, were recently granted the concession to operate at Malta International Airport from 2018 to 2025. The new ground handling contracts were awarded following a public call for tenders and a rigorous selection process.

Designed in a way that ensures the successful bidders are equipped to support Malta Airport in creating a safe and seamless experience, the selection process focused particularly on the ability to supply top-quality services to airlines and the safety processes followed in the realisation of day-to-day responsibilities.

Aviaserve and Air Malta are bound to stringent safety and quality management processes, with the aim of ensuring that both companies are efficient in furnishing the support needed, without compromising on a safe and secure operation.

The two ground handling companies are also obliged to adhere to a seven-year equipment investment programme. This provision is geared at ensuring that both companies remain in a position to meet the requirements of an ever-changing industry and an ever-growing number of passengers using Malta International Airport.