Malta Airport’s Customer Experience Efforts recognised by Airports Council International

Malta International Airport has been accredited through Airports Council International’s (ACI) recently launched Customer Experience Programme.

The programme seeks to assess airports’ maturity in this discipline based on eight pillars of customer experience management, including customer understanding, service innovation and airport culture, whilst steering participants towards the best industry practices.

With Level 1 accreditation now under its belt, Malta International Airport can continue to climb the rungs of the multi-level programme by giving further evidence of its commitment to designing better airport experiences, particularly by focusing on every touch point of guests’ journeys for various passenger segments.

“A better understanding of our customer profiles and expectations through feedback analysis, coupled with a drive towards service excellence, has enabled us to improve the brand experience by leaps and bounds, at a time when research is showing us that there is a clear shift from materialism to experientialism,” said Malta International Airport CEO Mr Alan Borg.

The past few years have seen Malta Airport enhance its offering and ensure that it is on par with that of the industry’s high-flyers. From projects involving upgrades to the terminal facilities, including a newly introduced seating area, and the launch of tailor-made initiatives such as the Journey Facilitation Programme, to the more recent removal of fees to use luggage trolleys, the company prides itself upon putting guests at the very heart of its ongoing efforts to provide the best airport experience in Europe.

Malta International Airport was awarded its accreditation certificate at the Customer Experience Global Summit organised by Airports Council International last week. The airport was also presented with the Best Airport in Europe award, after having secured the title in March.

Published: 21.09.2019