MIA ramps up operations in anticipation of busy Easter week

  • 140,000 passengers expected to pass through MIA during Easter week
  • Passengers advised to consult the airport’s traffic chart to plan their journeys
  • Easter-themed activities for the airport’s passengers

With many taking off to enjoy their holidays abroad, Malta International Airport is ramping up operations in anticipation of the increased activity around Easter week. The airport team is expecting some 140,000 passenger movements at the terminal between the 12th and the 19th of April.

The Easter holiday rush is only one of the factors giving rise to this significantly heavier passenger flow, with other contributing elements being the start of the Cruise and Fly programme and the recent launch of the airport’s summer schedule, featuring several new routes and airlines.

Around 21,500 passenger movements are forecast to make the 13th of April the busiest day over the coming week, with such daily numbers normally only experienced during the August peak. Apart from the Easter rush, Thursday morning is, by far, the airport’s busiest period, with literally thousands of passengers flowing through the airport within a very limited time. Passengers are specifically advised to check in early on Thursdays between 7.15am and 1pm while the Cruise and Fly programme is in operation over the next six months.

Locals and travellers celebrating Easter in Malta and seeking warmer weather should not be disappointed as the airport’s Meteorological Office is forecasting a sunny Easter weekend, with temperatures hitting the 22°C mark.

This flurry of activity coincides with works on MIA’s €12m Reconfiguration Project being carried out in the terminal.  Over the course of this year, the airport’s core facilities – from check-in to baggage handling to the security area – are to be upgraded to cater for an increase in capacity and provide a superior airport passenger experience.

While the airport team is well prepared for this hectic week, they are also working hard to mitigate the effects on guests in the meantime. Animators will be handing out children’s activity books and crayons to Malta International Airport’s younger globetrotters, while the Easter Bunny will be adding a traditional, sweet touch to passengers’ journeys by distributing free figolli.

While apologising for any inconvenience, MIA would like to thank the public and guests for their cooperation.

Departing passengers are reminded that they can do their part by checking in at the terminal at least two hours before their scheduled departure time. To get an understanding of the terminal’s busiest times over the coming days, passengers may consult the airport’s traffic chart here.