Works under way within MIA’s security screening area: Passengers advised to arrive early

MIA advises that passengers are likely to encounter some disruption at the terminal in the coming days due to the phased implementation of the new Central Security Screening Area.

The entire area, which was originally located on the ground floor of the terminal building, is being gradually relocated to the first floor, where it will occupy a much bigger footprint. The bulk of the migration will take place this week. While all critical security infrastructure is already active, works will continue in the area over the next month to commission other equipment, which would have a limited impact on the passenger experience.

The new security area is, in fact, twice the size of the existing one and, once completed, will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment including new screening technology, boarding pass readers and tray return systems. It will also feature a 180-metre queuing section as well as six lanes, natural light, and a fast track option for business travellers and parents with young children.

MIA Head of Security Patrick Murgo said: “The new Central Screening Area will be a big step forward for the terminal.

“Making such a move in a fully operational airport is a major undertaking and we will be doing everything possible to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. However, our focus will be on assuring that our security procedures are not compromised during this process. We thus strongly urge passengers to arrive at the terminal at least two hours ahead of their scheduled departure.

“This is a temporary growing pain without which we cannot develop further, so we thank our guests and the public for their cooperation at a time when our terminal is undergoing a metamorphosis. We apologise for any inconvenience, but are confident that travellers will appreciate the significant upgrades we are making, even in this temporary Central Screening Area, as we continue on our mission to complete the permanent area in 2018.”

The upgrade and relocation of the security screening area is the centrepiece of a 12 million euro terminal reconfiguration project which also includes a new VIP lounge on the third floor that boasts panoramic views of the runway, and a reconceived observation deck which is open to the public.

After the new security area is fully operational, the upgrading project will shift to the check-in hall, which will also benefit from a new look and improved facilities.