Two Panther 6X6 Fire Trucks join MIA’S Rescue and Fire-fighting FLEET

Two Rosenbauer Panther 6X6 fire trucks have just joined Malta International Airport’s fire-fighting fleet, equipping the company with enhanced rescue and fire-fighting capabilities.

The delivery of the two vehicles from Austria comes less than a year after Malta International Airport announced the arrival of the leading aircraft rescue truck – the Panther 8×8 – as part of the company’s fleet modernisation programme entailing a total investment of almost €3 million.

Given the complex technologies employed by the Panther vehicles, familiarisation training delivered by both Rosenbauer representatives and internal officers now forms an integral part of the training programme followed by Malta International Airport’s rescue and fire-fighting team.

Members of the 42-strong crew are no strangers to routine training geared at preparing them mentally and physically for the rapid and effective response to different emergency scenarios which, in turn, enables Malta International Airport to adhere to international rescue and fire protection requirements.

Over the past year, members of the team have been trained to perform rescue operations from heights as well as in confined spaces, while other members have broadened their knowledge in relation to ladder work, the handling of dangerous goods, and the use of breathing apparatus.

Essential skills garnered through ongoing training coupled with the state-of-the-art features of the new vehicles, including enhanced engine performance and extinguishing power; in-built thermal imaging cameras; and the high-reach extendable turret – better position Malta International Airport to deliver its promise of maintaining a safe and secure airport environment for travelling guests, visitors and stakeholders.

In addition to their superior safety features, these low-emission vehicles are fitted with Euro 6 exhaust technology, and will thus support Malta International Airport’s ongoing efforts to further reduce its CO2 emissions and minimise its carbon footprint.

On International Fire-Fighters’ Day, the company would like to thank members of its Rescue and Fire-Fighting Services (RFFS) team for always carrying out such a physically and psychologically demanding job with pride and dedication.

If you are interested in joining Malta International Airport’s RFFS team, you may check out the company’s vacancies here.

Published on: 03.05.2021